Triumph of the Soul

Two ace pilots, whose passion for their homelands pits them against each other in the treacherous skies of war…

Two sons who left behind families to pray each night for their safe return..

Two men, once burned, twice shy in love, who are inexorably drawn to unforgettable women.

Billy Hochreiter, as American as apple pie, is easy going about a lot of things. Women and war are the exception. With his heart slightly singed from the girl he left behind, Billy is totally unprepared for Colette, an alluring Frenchwoman. In the wake of their stunning encounter, Billy begins to seriously consider the concept of one person giving his life for another. As he navigates the dangerous skies of the European theater and the threatening needs of his own soul, Billy can’t forget Colette’s last words to him, even when love surprises him again.

Rolf Schiller, handsome hero of the Reich, is passionately comitted to saving his beloved Deutschland from destruction. As everthing he thought was strong and righteous begins to crumble before him, Rolf’s world falls apart and his faith turns to stone. Yet an inner hunger for justice guides him. and he begins to see what he must do to save Germany from the madness that has consumed it. Two women, his devout younger sister and the beautiful, mysterious Olga, spark a flicker of hope in the deadnes of his spirit.

Though Billy and Rolf meet only in air combat, their two souls are bound together by one God who offers them the same answer.

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