Shadows of Eden

His name is Norduk, the Wolf. Relentlessly, he seeks after Aeryck, sending barbaric Saxon leaders and packs of wolves to take his life – to put an end to the dream that haunts him. But still the boy eludes his grasp. To Aeryck’s horror, evasion comes at great expense – the shadow of death tracks him like a skilled, persistant hunter.

Aeryck’s doubts and burdens threaten to crush his newfound faith. How can he trust a God who allows such evil to prevail? How can he conquer the hatred swelling within him? On the Eve of Christ’s Mass he finds the answers his heart and soul have so desperately sought. And on this night he and Dagmere decide what their future together will hold.

As for the future of Britain, peace it would seem is at hand. Or is it? Terryll and Aeryck hear of Saxon treachery and witness its bold, horrific march into their homeland. The fate of Britain is in their hands. They must warn British villages and prepare Killwen Eden for war. Peril threatens their every move, yet they realize that Light cannot be so easily extinguished, even in the twilight of such powerful, pagan gods.

And still the Wolf is plagued by his dream – the sword of Caelryck is once again brandished toward him. This is the battle he has tried to aviod. Yet this is the battle that he must face. And so must Aeryck.

8 thoughts on “Shadows of Eden

  1. Hi Michael,
    I am a big fan of the “Twilight of the Gods” series. I was wandering and hoping, is there a third book out yet? The sequel to “Shadows of Eden”?

  2. Hi Michael,
    I am a big fan of the “Twilight of the Gods” series. I was wandering and hoping, is there a third book out yet? The sequel to “Shadows of Eden”?

    1. Ron, I’ve decided to continue writing the third book, and hope that it will be finished this next year. Thank you for your encouragement.

  3. I’m really liking this series, but I can’t find the book available for sale *new* anywhere for a reasonable price (3rd party sellers have it on amazon/ebay for $30-50). Is there anywhere that stocks your books?

    1. Thank you for writing. Since the book is out of print I don’t think you’ll be able to find one new. Very sorry. I’m very happy that you enjoy the series, though. BTW-are you a Joens? I see in your address that you are anonjoens. If you are then we are likely distant cousins or something. Take care, hope this reaches you. Mike

  4. Hello! I thank you for writing what I think is an incredible series of books. I just reread the Crimson Tapestry and Shadows of Eden fro the first time in almost a decade. I was again struck by your unbelievable level of imagery. THe words you string together to set a scene are some of the most satisfying and mentally appealing that I can recall. THis series is right up my alley as I am a reader of tolkien and many other fantasy type series. This is one of the best and to have it communicate the Love of Christ is an astounding concept because of how well you did it. As I have recently gotten closer to the end of the book and just finally finished it I have gotten wistful that there are no more. This is always the case with good books but upon reading the above comment I am hopeful that there may yet be a future for the “Twilight of the gods” series. If you have any further information I would be happy to know of it but in general thank you for your powerfully written words and for using your God given gift to bless me more than once.God bless you -Dexter

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